Nov 18, 2010


The role of English in our lives has got much importance. English may be a foreign language, but it is international in its significance.It is taken as a lingua France, the common language , for all parts of the world today.The importance of English language in our lives is as firstly , it is spoken , read or understood in most parts of the world. Due to this language, we can belong to whole world as well as to our own country.

Secondly, the role of English in our lives is that it is truly the language of science and technology. No other language offers such a wide scope for scientific studies and research in English. Without our mastery of English, we could not have easily used
atomic energy for power generation, in engineering projects , medical treatment etc.
Thirdly, the most major role of English is that it offers us treasures of knowledge in all social sciences like history, political science, economics , anthropology , sociology , philosophy an psychology.

Fourthly ,it
plays its role in modern medicine and surgery , developed from world wide studies and researches in different countries and language, now make a tremendous store house of medical knowledge in English.Lastly, religious and spiritual writings and translations in English are in plenty .All the Holy books including the Holy Quran and Bible with diverse translation find their pride of place in the section of religious books in any good library or book gallery

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