Dec 17, 2010


1.  We are a band of carollers,
We march through frost and snow,
But care not for the weather
As on our way we go.
2. At every hall or cottage
That stands upon our way,
We stop to give the people
Best wishes for the day.
3. We pray a merry Christmas,
Made bright by Christmas cheer,
With peace, and hope, and gladness
And all they may hold dear.
4. And for all those that happen
To pass us on our way
We have a smile, and wish them
A merry Christmas-day.
 5. Christmas time for boys and girls
Is a happy day,
For we go to grandmamma's
And eat and sing and play.

6. Grandma does not say to us—
"Stop that horrid noise,"
'Cause she understands we can't,
When we're "only boys."

7. And she lets the girls play house,
In the garret old,
And when they strew things around,
Grandma doesn't scold.

8. But we ought to pick them up,
Even on Christmas day,
For we shouldn't make kind friends
Trouble with our play.

9. Yes, we love the Christmas time
Best of all the year,
We have waited for it long,
Now, at last, it's here.
 10  . Dear Santa Claus, I'll let you know
The few things that I need,
And if you'll bring them to me
I'll be much obliged indeed.

11. I want a horse and wagon,
And a boat that's painted red,
An elephant, a jumping-jack—
You need not bring a sled,

12. For I have one very pretty;
But I want a trotting-horse,
A man who wheels a wheel-barrow,
And candy, too, of course.

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