Dec 1, 2010



Presentation & Publication Policies
•Publication Policy
 Papers that are presented at the English Language Department. Conferences are required to conform to the following policies.
 Presentation Policy
Folders with the summary page are solicited for students’ conference.
Subject Matter
Papers related to the key topics that are announced for each meeting are particularly encouraged, but this is not required for contributed papers.
Presenting Author
The first author of a paper must be the presenting author, and s/he must attend the meeting.
Presentation Type
Authors may request a presentation type of: oral, display, or demonstration. The maximum number of oral and demonstration presentations is limited, and the final selection of oral presentations rests.
Presentation Length
Oral presentations are allocated specific durations, depending on the type:
• 8th GRADE :  1-2 minutes
• 9th GRADE :  2-3 minutes
• 10th GRADE :  2-3 minutes
• 1ST BACCALAUREATE  :  3 minutes
• 2ND BACCALAUREATE :  4 minutes
• 3RD BACCALAUREATE:  5 minutes
Submission Deadline
A submission deadline will be established for each meeting. While most submitted papers can be edited, papers submitted after the deadline are accepted on a space-available basis, and in any case are not assured of consideration for the oral program.

Authors of all presentation types are encouraged to submit their papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings. 
All submissions must adhere to the submission guidelines to be accepted for publication. Authors of non-conforming papers will be notified of any problems with their submissions, and they must make the appropriate revisions to their papers to be included in the proceedings.
Copyright Assignment
Authors of all presentations must sign the copyright agreement with the publisher, and return it to the proceedings editors before their paper can be accepted for publication. Authors must conform to the copyright policy of the proceedings publisher.
Students must wear Monday’s uniform.
It is needed at the end of each summary page from the folders
Speeches will start on time; students who are late won’t be able to take the speech  

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