Apr 27, 2011

Reading/Listening and writing

Technology has greatly impacted everyone's culture, and teachers especially English teachers need to be aware of how to use advanced technology to enhance the learning experience of students. It is important that a teacher learns how to use the technology such as using electronics, and tools for doing research on the Web, but teachers can utilize these tools to maximize their learning experience.
I read the article "using the internet in ESL writing instruction" which explored the use of internet as an aid for teachers to teach students to write different genres. In this study it was analyzed different basic genres such as description of a film or a play and the relationship of them with online technique instructions to make it more interesting and motivating. One of the studies described in this article suggested that students learning a foreign language become more motivated in learning the language when using the internet because it can teach students how to benefit from internet usage. One of the biggest strength in this study was that by using internet students can use information from what have happened recently; whereas, people who do not use internet are exposed to out dated information.
After searching the suggested websites, I found two of them very useful to apply when teaching to my students. I realized that each one of the websites has some other icons that focus on grammar, listening, reading and other important skills. I decided to try out one of the websites for doing my class a little more interesting, and I used this website:
I found this webpage very interesting and useful because there was a listening section that I wanted to use with my students. There were several listening activities that emphasized on reading a paragraph while listening to an audio clip. This task was very interesting and engaging because students not only read a short story about loneliness and its effects, but it also focused on listening. After the student finished with the activity, they were asked to fill out a short worksheet that was based on the content of the reading. After students filled out the blank spaces, they were asked to share their answers to the class. I think my students had fun when doing this activity because the peace of the listening activity was moderate which matches their abilities to listen in a foreign language. By doing this activity, I could get more students who were enthusiastic and willing to participate.
The other website that I am planning to use was:
This website is very useful because there are different options that I can choose from when doing a new activity. I am planning in using the grammar section where students can practice the correct word usage. For the first activity, I'm am thinking in doing an exercise on the infinites because I see that many of my students still have time using the correct form.
In addition to the previous website, I would love to try out the webpage:
Since my students don't have a high English level, I can also use a kid's website to make the class more interactive. By using this website, there are lots of good icons that can help my students improve their pronunciation, learn different vocabulary and also improve their reading skills.
My ABCD objective is focus on:

Audience: high school students
Condition: Reading a short story while listening to the same story in an audio clip, so students will look for the correct pronunciation as well as for the content.
Behavior: students will be able to answer a worksheet based on the information that was presented in the short paragraph.
Degree: answering the worksheet and sharing their answers to the class (90%). This activity will only take 20 minutes of a class time. Students will only miss 10% of the total expected points because some will have difficulties remembering new words and consequently, they won't be able to answer to all the questions right.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve my teaching lessons, please let me know. I would be happy to hear them.


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  1. Hi Santiago let me tell you that I agree with you when you say that we can use the technology for different teaching processes like rading and listening to the script at the same time, grammar that is practiced wuth rules for having a great writing development.
    Besides I think that if we combine the correct use of technology and well stipulated the instructional teaching way, we will get excellent results



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