May 1, 2011

Project Step 3

I am teaching high school students. Their ages range from 15-16 years old. They all are not very confident with English, so that's why I have decided to use more technology to help them in their learning process.

There are some issues in the class because students come from different socio economic status and there are some students that have more exposure to technology than others. This is a big disadvantage for me as an instructor because there are some preexisting differences when teaching a technology based lesson.

Another big issue in my class is that students do not have the opportunity to practice English all the time. They have limited language capacities because they cannot develop their full skills.

Other big limitation in my class is that the student cannot learn a lot from the class sessions that I teach because there are a few hours of English teaching and this can contribute negatively to the development of the student.

Other possible issue could be that the computer lab cannot be used all the time because there are other courses that need to use the lab too, so the student only uses the lab once at most two times a week.

Finally, I think that if economic conditions in schools get better, we will have students more motivated and ready to make a change in our countries.

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