Jun 5, 2011


Hello everybody,

I can't believe we are in week 9 already. I'm so excited that we are almost done!!!
This week topic was very interesting to me because the focus on my project is based on the different learning styles students have, and the problems they face when learning a new language. According to Felder and Soloman, there are two types of learners: active and reflective learners. Active learners learn by doing while reflective learners learn by thinking. Sensing learners learn by taking facts while intuitive learners learn by discovering possibilities.

I was very amazed at reading to the article about multiple intelligences. I think we as instructors should find out students learning styles to find different teaching strategies. Gardner proposed that humans have seven intelligences. He emphasized in the fact that people's behavior is always changing, and so is our intelligence "expanding". I read the interpersonal intelligence because it is one of the main focuses of my project. I was very interested in the fact that some people learn through interacting with others, and that is what I want to try in my class. I am focusing a lot in cooperative learning for my project because by working together students contribute to a project and they also learn more. There are some big suggestions to incorporate technology in interpersonal intelligence such as the use of blogs, emails, and discussions. The other focus of my project is visual intelligence because I have seen that people sometimes learn more by seen and visualizing things. A good suggestion for implementing technology in this kind of people is through the use of video, visual artwork, match pictures to vocabulary words.

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