Jun 1, 2011

Technology and Multiple Intelligences

What are the multiple intelligences?

What do they have to do with technology?

How can I incorporate these ideas into teaching and learning?
artworkIn his 1983 book called Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner of Harvard University identified seven intelligences we all possess. Because our understanding of the brain and human behavior is constantly changing, the number of intelligences is expanding. Two to three new intelligences had been added recently. Gardner claims that we all have all the intelligences, but that no two people are exactly alike.
eye means essentialRead Concept to Classroom: Multiple Intelligences.This web project answers a series of common questions about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
Go to Project Zero to learn more about Howard Gardner's projects at Harvard. Then learn more about Howard Gardner. For some insights into the way the theory has evolved, read his PDF article titled Multiple Intelligences after Twenty Years.
Originally, Gardner developed the list as a theoretical model about the psychology of the mind, rather than a practical way to address individual differences. However, by understanding a student's strengths and weaknesses in each intelligence, we can help students become more successful. He also notes that integrating multiple intelligences into the classroom involves changing our idea about teaching and learning. It requires addressing individual differences and providing a range of activities and experiences to facilitate learning.
Technology can be used to facilitate learning in each intelligence area. There is no "right way" to integrate intelligences or technology into the classroom. The key is to provide the most effective learning environment for students.


  1. Very well put. There´s no right way or only one way to teach and learn.
    By using technology we may help bridge the gap between learners and the subject to be studied.

  2. Hi SantiagoYes, that provide the environment the most effective for student learning thus lead to the development of types of intelligences in the students, I believe that the integration of technology with the types of intelligence in several ways but can not be separated from each other or the classification of students on the basis of intelligence, because this category in itself difficult to apply in one class because the relative intelligence of each student when there is no student who has one type of intelligence only



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