Jun 10, 2011

Levels of Technology Integration

After reading LoTi digital level framework, I should say that I'm in the middle of LoTi Level 1 – Awareness and LoTi level 2- exploration.

I am using different techniques for teaching my students. For example, I use power point presentations for making my class more interactive through the use of animated pictures. Since my students are beginners, they levels of comprehension are limited, so I always try to implement pictures to make it more dynamic and interesting when they learn. I use several digital tools as a source of getting access to internet and accessing emails. For the exploration or LoTi level 2, I always try to let them work in small projects using technology. They have to develop different topics using technology tools and present them to the class.

My expectations of where I want to be in the future are to be in LoTi level 4b – Integration: Routine. I expect my students to be engage in some critical thinking about real world issues. I will be expecting from my students to become more self-actualized and they can self – monitor their own progress.

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