May 14, 2011


Hello everybody,

I went through the process of creating my power-point. I chose the topic of " the food pyramid". I really wanted to use this opportunity to create a power-point on this topic because it is very informative and students can get a lot from this presentation. I tried to implement a lot of visuals because that can help the student to be more engaged in the process of learning. I added a video, but I didn't add it directly to my power-point because it was too heavy. However, I added the URL to open it. I also added some worksheets that could help me evaluate my students.

Overall, it was fun to do this presentation.

I'm open to hear your comments.

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  1. Hello Santiago nice job.
    In my opinion I think that create this kind of material is very interesting because we can add lot of links or web tools which help us to develope the topic that we want to teach them so it's interesting.

    Hugs and kisses



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