May 29, 2011


In the 21st century classroom rapidly evolving technology and education are inseparable. Most educators cannot imagine using a typewriter after having used a PC. However, when it comes to more advanced applications of new technology, teacher knowledge often falls below student knowledge.

Lamentably, teachers do not take advantage of or are simply not aware of the many uses of technology in the classroom.  Instead of integrating technology into a lesson, teachers often rely on outdated methodologies.

We’re here to help.  

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  1. Hi Santiago,

    You are right about the fact that teachers are outdated when it comes to use technology in teaching and especially with younger generation and more precisely when comparing to their students. But I also believe that in the last few decades students teachers are more and more aware of the new technology and the importance of its use in the classroom and I believe that being part of this e-course is a good example of this awareness.




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