May 25, 2011

Reflection of teaching with technology

There is a very interesting infographic making the rounds on how many college and university faculty are using social media personally and professionally.
Personally, I find it a bit hard to believe that the numbers are that high.  And, unfortunately, the source of the data, while indicated, cannot be inspected!

I think it depends on how one defines social media.  Is using material (text or graphics) from Wikipedia considers using social media?  Is signing up for a Facebook or Twitter account, but never really using it, considered having used social media?  

If yes, then OK, I can see the high numbers.  But I know so many people who have signed up for social media sites, but never use them.  Although, I do admit that they may use their accounts some day

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  1. Don´t forget that it´s using technology in the class for teaching purposes our main interest.

    People may use their facebook account for vain purposes. They don´t use it to improve their language competence if for instance they chat, comment and things like that in the native language.

    However, if they use their second language, now we´re talking!!! Language learning by mean of technology can take a leapfrog if directed in the right way.
    Jerry, Honduras


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