May 14, 2011

The Importance of PowerPoint

In the event you are a professor, the importance of PowerPoint skills cannot be stressed enough. You need to know how to present effectively in order to keep the attention of the class. Using monotonous presentations will bore the class and affect their attention levels. Presentations need to be stimulating and interesting as students learn maximum though a combination of visual and auditory mode. Only then will students respond and retain information you wish to impart.


  1. Hello my dear collegue, it is very good to know that you have used the power point presentations for improving your teaching, besides as you said through this you can combine different skills at the same time especially listening and writing.
    In addition I would like to congratulate you because you haven´t given up with your proposal of learning like me.

    Fernando Ecuador

  2. Hi Fercho,

    You are right!! we are improving ourselves in an excellent way and that's the way it is.

    Warm regards,


  3. Hi Santiago,
    I greatly agree with your views of Autonomous learning, one computer class learning, and the use of Power Point in the class. It´s a very good policy to encourage students to use only English in class, as well as watching movies and praising them after good performance. I find using web page, and writing diaries, something really good too.
    Your comment about the proper use of Power Point is absolutely true. The important technological tool of Power Point, like any other, must be given an appropriate use as you state in your blog. Otherwise it would become useless or boring.

    Kind regards,



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