May 18, 2011

One computer options

As I have mention in the past few weeks, I do not have access to the lab more than twice a week. By having this limited access to technology, I had opted to use my personal laptop and projector to use in my class.

I know that using computer in a class session can make the students more engage in the task that is being asked. I have used different colorful and interactive PowerPoint presentations, which I think have benefited my students in their learning. I have seen them to be more motivated for learn than using the text-book only.
Once a week, I ask them which movie the y would like to watch, and I buy it. The movies in Ecuador are very cheap, so I can afford buying them. I also use the projector to play some videos from youtube and I provide my students with the lyrics which have black spaces where they can fill in. It is very rewarding to see how motivated they feel when we do these interactive activities in class.

In addition to this, I google search for videos with native speakers conversations, and I ask them what the conversation was about, and how they will react if they were in that situation. I think that technology has done a lot for teachers and students because it is a very important tool which helps us to have better outcomes.

If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know

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  1. Now we are passing through the age of information technology. Computer has a great influence on our daily life. As we know that computer is a fast electronic device which is being used very effectively in every purpose of our daily life.


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